Team Leader (Tariff and Affordability study, Institutional Option Analysis and Ring Fencing)

Zimbabwe, Southern Africa


The Government of Zimbabwe received financing from the African Development Fund toward the cost of the Bulawayo Water and Sewerage Services Improvement Project, and intends to apply part of the agreed amount for this grant to payments under the contract for Consultancy Services for the Tariff and Affordability Study, Institutional Option Analysis and Ring Fencing in Bulawayo.
The City of Bulawayo (CoB) with support from the African Development Bank (AfDB) is improving and upgrading the water supply and sewerage services in the city with the aim of contributing to the improvement in health and social wellbeing of its population. The project’s emphasis is on rehabilitating and enhancing the water supply system and sewerage system, reduce Non-Revenue Water (NRW), strengthening institutional capacity, enhancing service delivery efficiency and contributing to health and environmental improvement.
The main objectives of the assignment are;
To make recommendations to improve the delivery of water and sewerage services through the assessment and evaluation of the current institutional structure, and to propose improvement and enhancement of institutional and financial arrangements of the water and sewerage section. These proposals shall be in line with BCC’s commitment to ring fence the water and sewerage services account. The operational framework of the water and sewerage services and its improvement shall be considered holistically.
To review the current tariff structure and make recommendations for sustainability. The review will also analyze customer ability and willingness to pay the current tariffs and any potential increases in tariffs.
To make detailed recommendations and develop a road map for the implementation of ring-fencing the water and sewerage services with private sector involvement as an option.
The Consultant will be expected to take a holistic approach on the recommendations for appropriate institutional options and organizational management structures, cost recovery mechanisms, tariff structures and cost recovery targets for water and sewerage services and the development of an operational framework for ring fencing the water and sewerage services.
Scope of the study
The study shall include the following tasks;
1. Tariff and Affordability Study
2. Institutional Option Analysis
3. Conceptual and Operational Framework for Ring Fencing

Qualifications required

Only the experts meeting the set criteria will be shortlisted and contacted.

Ms. / PhD in financial management/economy or institutional management

Professional experience required

Min. 15 years’ experience with public service management (water supply and sewerage), strong experience with tariff setting, affordability studies, institutional review/analysis and ring fencing. Experience from southern Africa prefer and an advantage.


Possible 6-8 months over a 12 months project duration with intermittent inputs


Early 2020

Deadline For Applications


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