Oil and Gas Specialist

Uganda, East Africa


The purpose of this consultancy is to assist DWRM (Uganda) to prepare, first, a Strategy for the development and management of water resources in the Albert Water Management Zone; and second, a Strategic Investment and Action Plan for its implementation. This is a time-bound activity, and the consultant is responsible for delivering a comprehensive strategy in consultation with various stakeholders. At the same time the consultant and the WMZ will form one team to carry out the work, and the consultant will maximize the opportunity for effective on-the-job training

Qualifications required

Only the experts meeting the set criteria will be shortlisted and contacted.

A masters’ degree in Petroleum Engineering or related field

Professional experience required

10 years’ experience in oil exploration and production, particularly sustainability of oil and gas investments


3 - 4 months during a total project period of 12 months


Early 2020

Deadline For Applications


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